R1 60% Mechanical Keyboard – Wave: For Gaming

R1 60% Mechanical Keyboard – Wave: For Gaming

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Unique design and performance with R1 Pro 60% custom mechanical keyboard in Wave color. With high quality plastic body, wide selection of switches, RGB backlighting, Hot-Swap PCB board, USB-C, US key layout and custom software for complete personalization.  Ideal for gamers who want to be original.

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The R1 60% Custom Mechanical Keyboard in Wave colours is ideal for avid gamers. Aluminum rounded body, a plethora of color combinations, choice of several switch types, Hot-Swap pcb board and custom software for complete personalization. Choose the switch of your preference. No need to assemble your own keyboard, you can choose an already assembled and perfectly soundproofed one. Be original with color combinations. Gateron KS-9 mechanical switches can handle 50 million keystrokes. Easily replace new switches with Hot-Swap technology. RGB backlighting and effects for the ultimate gaming experience.


Choose the switch of your preference

You can choose the switch you want for the already built keyboard. Are you used to quiet playing or do you prefer the classic “click” when typing? Whether you prefer quiet linear switches or bold clicky switches, our keyboards offer you a wide range of options. Do you play fast action games or prefer tactical titles? Choose the switch that suits you best and experience true gaming enjoyment.


Don’t want to spend hours building and assembling your own custom keyboard?

Then the R1 60% Custom Mechanical Keyboard is the right choice for you. Already assembled and soundproofed, the keyboard will give you the perfect gaming experience without distracting resonating sounds in the keyboard body. Plus, you can choose the switch of your preference, whether you want silent or clicky switches, you have several types to choose from. No more hassle of setting up, just choose and play.


Be original

Buďte originální a přidejte svému gaming setup jedinečný prvek. Vyberte si z našeho širokého výběru barevných kombinací a odlište se od ostatních hráčů. Ať už vás baví barevné klávesnice pro radost nebo pro další vizuální zážitek během hraní, naše klávesnice vám nabízejí širokou škálu barev a možností pro vaše potřeby.


Have you been playing so long that your mom has to turn off your wifi?

Are you an avid gamer who spends hours playing games? Reelago’s R1 keyboards are the right choice for you. With Gateron KS-9 mechanical switches that can handle up to 50 million presses, you’ll have a keyboard you can rely on. You no longer have to worry about a slowly disintegrating membrane keyboard.


Easy replacement of new switches

Reelago’s R1 keyboard allows for easy switching thanks to Hot-Swap technology. You don’t have to worry about soldering anymore, simply pull the switch out with the Switch Puller and replace it with another one to suit your needs. You will appreciate this option if you want to have a keyboard exactly to your preference.


Love RGB colours and effects?

The keyboard is equipped with RGB backlighting of individual keys, thanks to the software you can choose various combinations of effects and colours. With a keyboard like this, you’ll be the center of attention at any LAN party or stream. Plus, the RGB backlighting lets you play games at night without the need for any additional light, making it ideal for hardcore gamers who spend hours on their favourite games.


  • R1 custom mechanical keyboard is a fully assembled keyboard with a rounded aluminium body for different types of users (work and gaming)

  • Choice of switches according to preference

  • The assembled keyboard is soundproof and well tuned (no sound resonates)

  • For hardcore gamers, a choice of Gateron KS-9 mechanical switches (up to 50 million presses) is available

  • The keyboard is equipped with RGB backlighting of individual keys with the possibility of setting different colour effects using the software.

  • Wide range of colour combinations

  • Easy switch replacement thanks to Hot-Swap technology

  • USB-C connector

  • Original design to set you apart from other players


How will your keyboard sound?


Table of features of individual switches

Switch Force of activation Activation path Switch path Type Lubricated Loudness Suitable for
35 g 2 mm 4 mm Linear Quiet Office/Gaming
45 g 2 mm 4 mm Linear Quiet Office/Gaming
45 g 2 mm 4 mm Linear Gentle Office/Gaming
50 g 2 mm 4 mm Linear Quiet Office/Gaming
55 g 2 mm 4 mm Tactical Gentle Office/Gaming
60 g 2.3 mm 4 mm Clicky Clicky Typing
60 g 2 mm 4 mm Linear Gentle Office/Gaming
80 g 2.3 mm 4 mm Clicky Clicky Typing

Keyboard Layout

Layout rozložení 60% klávesnice R1 Pro

Additional information

Type of Switch

Gateron KS-9 Pro Red, Gateron KS-9 Pro Yellow, Gateron KS-9 Pro Silver, Gateron KS-9 Blue, Gateron KS-9 Green, Gateron KS-9 White, Gateron KS-9 Brown, Gateron KS-9 Black


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